CPAO Community Provider Association of Oregon
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Founded in 1986, CPAO represents and assists private residential and vocational providers who serve people with developmental or mental and emotional disabilities in Oregon.  Networking, education, and advocacy enable CPAO members to strengthen their program to better serve individuals they support in our community.

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Our Mission: Enriching the lives of people with disabilities.

Our Vision: The people we serve have the resources to reach their dreams.

Our Values:
           Celebrating Diversity - Seeking the vision, experience and possibilities of all people in order to
                                                    make us whole.
           Partnerships - Promoting interdependent relationships that are honest, respectful, and open to 
                                     equally influence lives.
           Absolute Integrity - Providing trust, safety, and accountability.  Doing the right thing.
           Open Leadership - Sharing information, supporting each other and shaping the 

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